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Tim & Aaron Pierce

October 26, 2010
What a day. Capt. Dan and his mate Andrew made sure of it. Great Team, very knowledgeable. My son Aaron and I had a blast - from the great weather to fishing, diving, snorkeling, lobstering and yes swimming with a 8 foot hammerhead for about 20 minutes. Memories I will never forget. If your looking to have fun on the water Second Nature And Capt. Dan should be your first call. Vacationing in the Keys: fun, fishing with "Second Nature": priceless.

Matty Friend

October 9, 2010
great day of fishing, tons of action, friendly mates

David S

September 29, 2010
I fished with Capt. Dan & mate Andrew on 2010-09-22 Wed. I'd booked (late, on Friday) for Tuesday, but weather led him to recommend waiting a day; we'd had enough conversation for me to trust his experience (other charter captains might leave you obliged to fish a bad day or forfeit, and I've had one blame weather when "hangover" would be more accurate... not Dan!). Wind was brisk and had changed direction, water was choppy & sloppy, and I was clumsy, but for my money we had a great day including several personal firsts: 7.5 blackfin tuna, a nice cero mackerel, the biggest barracuda and skipjack tuna I've ever caught, and netting live ballyhoo to start the day (no, *I* didn't toss the net). I couldn't wish for more knowledgeable, capable crew or quality tackle, and not many boats could've been more fishable in that chop.

I'll fish with Dan again when I return to Key West.

Lee Turmail

September 29, 2010
Captain Dan is the Man. Prior to this, the biggest fish I caught was a Jack. On this fishing expedition I was pulling in yellow tail like a mad man. The we went trolling and next thing I know I am bringing in an 80 pound sailfish that took 45 minutes to bring to reel in. Then we anchored off a wreck and I brought up a 12 pound Mutton Snapper. Amazing time, I would recommend Captain Dan to anyone expert to beginner.

Lee, Tom, & Steve

September 29, 2010
I have fished for many years and as a fishermen you know that exciting feeling you have when a captain knows what he is doing AND LOVES to fish...and is was apparent very quickly as we left dock that Captain Dan was one of these guys.

The 2 trips we took with Captain Dan were simply awesome and all around fun. We hooked and landed a sailfish (Lee\'s first one ever) and the adrenaline was rushing. We limited out on yellowtail in about 30 minutes both trips, caught a nice mutton and tuna and several other fish. And the few that were taken away by sharks on the way in always leave you wondering. Again, these guys love to fish as much as we do - there was never a feeling of how long we have been out and we need to be back to dock. The opposite was true as they wanted to fish as bad as us..Captain Dan kept saying one more drop, etc. The deckhand even jumped into the water to catch the chum that got out of the net...and then swam back to the boat with it tucked under his arm!!!

We will definetly be back with our sons soon as so as we can!!!

Captain Dan is top notch!!! See you again soon.

Scott & Laura

September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010
Even fishing out of season, Captain Dan took us where the fish were and we caught a variety. After watching him net ballyhoo for bait, we caught a bunch of yellow tail and mutton snappers, a margate, barracuda, and several shark. Even hooked a sail, but didn\'t get it on the boat. We had a great time and will definitely charter with Captain Dan again.

Shawn Smith

September 20, 2010
WOOOO!! Another amazing trip fishing aboard the Second Nature with good friend Captain Dan! My girlfriend Jessie and I fished 3 straight days. The first day, we caught 40 yellowtail snapper including a few flags in the 3-5 pound range. After limiting out on yellowtails, we slipped into the water and bagged 30 lobsters. We limited out on lobster and decided to do some wreck fishing. I ended up catching 2 huge mutton snapper weighing in at about 15 lbs a piece. Day 2, we spearfished the entire day and shot some impressive fish. We filled the cooler with hogfish, black and red grouper, mutton snapper, mangrove snapper, yellow jacks, and triggerfish. Day 3, we decided to bag some more lobster and limited out with 36 bugs. We also plugged a few hogfish and muttons with our spear guns. Fishing is red hot in the summer. When the heat becomes unbearable, you can slide into the water and spearfish/lobster. Thank you Captain Dan for another memorable fishing experience and Jess and I can't wait to head back down south to do it again! Tight lines!

Brad Colvin

September 17, 2010
I've been fishing in the keys for over 20 years and lived here full time for 5. Capt Dan is hands down the best captain it's been my privelage to fish with. Whatever you want out of the water, Capt. Dan can supply. You will have fun and you will get fish.

Adam Lytton

September 13, 2010
Had the chance to come fish with Capt. Dan for a second time and man was it another trip for the books. Had no experience with free diving but he walked us through what to do. We ended filling the cooler! He is an incredible fisherman with a spear or rod.

Freddie Naassan

September 8, 2010
Amazing fishing trip thanks to Capt. Dan and Andrew. Caught about 32 yellowtails in just 1 hour and enjoyed a full day of spear fishing and lobstering. Caught 22 lobsters including 1 Monster-sized lobster and speared 7 Hogfish. Capt. Dan and Andrew did a great job showing us all the hot spots and we can not wait to go back to Key West and charter with them again ! Thank you so much for all your hard work !!!