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Ed Maxwell

May 21, 2010
Had a great trip with Captain Dan and First Mate Mike. Brought in a nice sail fish - first bill fish for me. Also some dolphin but no big keepers this trip. The boat and crew were excellent and the weather and seas were calm - we enjoyed our trip - would go again with these guys - maybe wreck fishing next time.

Brad Chandler

May 20, 2010
Had a great 4 hour trip Sunday May 16th. Caught a couple dolphin on very rough seas, and had a sailfish chasing bait for a short while. I'd go again in a heartbeat!

John Campros & Aaron Larsen

May 19, 2010
Thank you Captain Dan and the crew of Second Nature. It should be called catchin' instead of fishin'!!! We had a great time and hope to get back onboard again soon!

Mike Martin

May 18, 2010
Dan- Thanks for a great time for the second time! I really appreciate you taking care of my son and wife. They had a blast! I have fished in alot of different places but have never had as much fun or caught as many fish as when fishing with you. Thanks again!

Mike Mathews

May 16, 2010
Captain Dan and First Mate Mike

What a great time I had fishing in the Keys with you, Mike and our gang. You are definitley a pro at knowing where the fish are going to be. You and Mike were both aware of where all the great fishing spots were and it was proven by the amount of fish that hit our lines and were brought in. I have been on several fishing trips but yours was the best by far. Even though I had a weak stomach I still had the best time, ("the seas were rough that day my friend"). Next time I am wearing a patch. The best part was getting to know you and Mike and the entire gang, Marty, Ron, and Kevin. Thanks again for the experience. I will be back!!

Marty Kretchman

May 15, 2010
Captain Dan and Mike,

Thanks for an amazing experience! When Kevin invited me down to Key West to fish with you guys, he told me all about how consistently he had caught fish and how much fun he had with you on the dozen or so trips he'd done previously. Never did I think the reality would beat my expectations! The shark fishing was a ton of fun, and I was amazed at how quickly you were able to bring them to us. The next day, you got us out right on those Mahi (with the Blackfin Tuna a delicious surprise). And in spite of my weak stomach in those holy rollers, I had a great time (you even let me steer the boat a bit to take my mind off of waiting to yak over the sides- Thank You!) The boys and I will DEFINITELY be back. Thanks for working so hard to make the most of our time with you. You're the most professional and most knowledgable charter I've ever fished with- keep up the good work!



May 4, 2010
Hey Dan, Thanks for the best three days of fishing I have ever had. I never thought I could have so much fun and be so tired from all the fish you put my friends and I on. The next trip I take to the keys will have a day planned fishing with you and your crew. Thanks Again,
Chandler Ellis

Eric Thomas

April 30, 2010
Hi Dan, I wanted to send some pics and thank you for a great fishing adventure. We had a wonderful time and were so glad we caught so many fish. Our girls were so excited about their trip, that was the biggest thing they talked about when we got back to Wisconsin. We surely enjoyed our fish dinner late that same evening. You sure don't get fresh fish like that here in Wisconsin. Thanks for being so knowledgeable and accommodating. You made two dads and a couple of teenage girls very happy! Sincerely, Sally and Eric Thomas Brookfield WI

Dave Gordon

April 17, 2010
Speaking from a father's prespective, I could not have made a better choice than going on a all-day charter with Captain Dan & Dave. They were awesome. Their attention and patience with my 14 yr old son & 11 yr old daughter was just simply PERFECT. We caught 20 fish on 4.08.2010 and they encouraged and coach my children on each fish. Heck, at one point we had 5 fish on the lines at the same time, and I even got to reel one in. I have taken my children deep sea fishing four years in a row and this was the best! Thank you Dan & Dave!

Austin Gordon

April 17, 2010
I've been on some nice fishing trips, from reeling in a nice sailfish in Puerto Vallarta to landing a short-billed spearfish in Hawaii, but Capt. Dan and Capt. Dave really took the cake with this one! We took an 8 hr. fishing trip on April 8 for the morning and came back around dusk with 16 fish, and that's not including the 4 we released. My family caught 12 Mahi, 3 blackfin tuna (including a huge one my 11 year old sister caught), a barracuda, 2 bonito, and 2 amberjack (including a giant amberjack I caught that Dan took a guess was around 60 lbs)! Dan and Dave are even skillful enough to get you 5 fish on th line at once (happened to us and it was fun)! Whoever is reading this you have to book a charter with Dan and Dave! You have nothing to lose with the "no fish, no pay" guarantee, but I dont think you will be needing it! Cheers to a good day of fishing!