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Justin Blanchard

March 14, 2010
hey captain dan its baby E,
it looks like you and josh are doing well from looking at the comments on your site, you are the best fisherman in key west hands down. I miss you guys alot and i cant wait to see you all again. Thank you for all you did for me and all the adventures you brought me on. please say hi to josh and the old man for me.

Ed & Denise Kushmerek

February 21, 2010
What a blast! We had our 3 adult kids with us, Denise had never been out on a fishing trip before, and it was a great experience! Our day was extremely windy, so Dan suggested we head out on the gulf side. We had many adventures along with catching a variety of Jack Crevalls, two good-sized sharks (released), and one REALLY big shark (probably 7 ft) which yes, was the one that got away....Dan and Mike brought a pelican on board to get the hook out of its beak, which it had gotten hold of while eating our bait..!! We did get a goliath grouper, which had trouble subsequently going back down - Denise did a rescue swim, rolling the big fish over, when she promptly went back down! In the excitement over the pelican, Denise also lost a rod overboard, and Mike successfully fished it up! So, along with the great fishing, we had a great day which all 5 of us will always remember. We would absolutely go back. Capt Dan, and first mate Mike, were knowledgeable, fun and gave us a really great day. I would highly recommend the Second Nature.

Mike Oberlander

February 16, 2010
Dan took my boys and I out for a full day and it was nonstop action. It was my kids first trip and what an experience! We caught snapper , sharks, kings, and others that kept the kids busy. Dan and Mike were awesome! Thank you and we will be back!

Darrell Phillips

February 11, 2010
Thanks Capt. Dan. What a trip! Did not expect fish of anything of this size. We had a blast catching a large Grouper 45lb, Amberjacks up to 40lbs, Barracudas, and large Mutton Snappers 17-20 lbs. Deck hand Mike was a blast and Capt. Dan was a great host. If you want a fishing trip of a life time give Capt. Dan a call. You will not be disappointed. I will be back for more great fishing.

Shawn Smith

January 11, 2010
What another amazing fishing adventure onboard the Second Nature w/Capt. Dan! I fished with Dan Dec. 30th and had a superb day! We landed and successfully released two beautiful sailfish using live ballyhoo. That same day we caught some nice muttons and yellowtails. I shortly returned to Key West and fished w/Dan on Jan. 8th. We caught an assortment of fish including mangrove snapper, yellowtails, yelloweye snapper,17 mutton snapper up to 18 lbs, 2 kingfish, dolphin (mahi mahi), and a few sharks. Winter fishing is HOT in Key West. Brave the cold (if that's what you want to call it), hook up with Dan and I guarantee that you will be rewarded!!

Travis Yaeckel

January 11, 2010
Man! Just got back from my first trip with Capt. Dan. We fished right up until one of the coldest days in Key West history (I'm Pretty Sure). We headed out on 1/6/10 to do some hardcore wreck fishing and hopes to grease a few sailfish as well. As usual, we knabbed a few "pennies" on the way out to the reef in search for large schools of "who". While waiting on bait to arrive, we stacked the box with yellowtail and mangroves. With no luck getting bait to "show up", we headed out to 180ft to try our luck. Things just weren't happening... We headed back to the dock... grab some grub, REMOVED THE BANANAS from the boat... and turned around for some evening action. We got pilchards by the droves on the reef as the sun set in the west and fished through the night. The next morning was beautiful... The "calm before the storm" we fished 220ft to 180ft and put together a nice box! 14-17 lb Muttons, Porgy, Mahi, Kings, Jack Crevelle, Mangroves, & Flags !!! We had a blast!! Its not every day you find HARDCORE fishermen. Capt. Dan is a prime example. From the Novice to the Expert, you will enjoy fishing with the "Second Nature" team, I guarantee it!! Book a trip and and strap up!!! Thanks Capt. Dan!!! --- Tightlines!

L. "alvie" Alvarez

December 29, 2009
No Kidding!!! Capt Dan & his deckhand Mike have got this down to a science! You WILL catch fish! PLUS all the other niceties you don\'t get on any other charter boat you may have gone out on before! Guaranteed! Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are also very polite, curteous, friendly, helpful, informative and yes, he knows WHERE and HOW to catch the fish! It\'s no wonder why his boats name is the \"Second Nature\"! Here I was truely treated like a guest and not a number!...and by the way, we caught 17 huge mutton snapper, 4 blackfin tunas, 2 king mackerel, a sail fish, and several big\'ns that got away!!! Without a doubt I am going fishing again with Capt Dan next time I\'m in Key West!!! I can\'t wait!!...see ya soon Dan!

Steve Groh

December 27, 2009
Had a great time fishing with Dan and Mike. We caught lots of fish with a big variety. It was a great time and look forward to coming again in June for a few days.
Thanks Steve

Randy Stricker

December 2, 2009
We went fishing with Captain Dan and Mike on November 30, 2009. Great day of fishing. Four of us caught 19 Mutton Snapper, 4 Blackfin and a Black Grouper. All at one stop close in to Key West! Captain Dan is the best. Thanks for a great day!

Dan Courtney

September 28, 2009
I was just looking at some pictures of our fishing trip this year. What a great week of fishing. Went out early May this year with Capt. Dan and his dad had a great time caught 2 Maui maui, 3 AJ, bait fish and almost a swordfish all in about 5 hours. Cann't beat the experience they offered us on our outing