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November 3, 2008
Without a doubt, the best charter boat captain in Key West. Capt. Dan and Josh made sure we caught plenty of fish and had a great time doing it.

Shawn Smith

October 1, 2008
Captain Dan, Josh and I headed south to the bluewater on September 29, 2008 to find some pelagic action. Are intentions were to fish but mainly spearfish. We trolled past a small patch of weedline with some old lobster buoys tangled in the small clump. We caught three schoolie dolphin and decided to slip into the water with the guns. We swam through a swarm of triggerfish, filefish, almaco jacks, and triple tail and immediately ran into two wahoo. The wahoo quickly darted off which was quite unusual. About 30 seconds later, 4 schoolie dolphin showed up out of nowhere and Dan blasted one of them. Instead of retreiving the fish, Dan purposely let the dolphin swim circles at the end of his shaft to attract any larger fish which may have been lurking in the dark blue depths. About 45 seconds went by and I could hear someone shouting through their snorkel. I turned around to see a 200 pound blue marlin 40 feet from me!!! The curious marlin swam around us for a solid two minutes getting within 30 feet from us before she vanished into the blue. What a treat that was!! It was almost cooler than catching her. Being the good sportsman that we are, we did not take a shot on her. Immediately after the marlin departed, I shot a dolphin and Josh plugged a wahoo. We then left the spot and continued our journey to locate some more fish. We found some more schools of nice dolphin and we caught a descent bull dolphin in the 15 pound range. What a memorable day on the water! I understand times are rough right now but if you want to relieve some of that stress, you need to go fishing with these guys. This crew WILL put you on some fish!! You'll be able to have some great times and your freezer will definitely be restocked with some fish. I want to thank Dan, Josh, and Skip for yet another memorable day and I'm looking forward to getting back out on the water with you guys! Fair winds and following seas!

Shawn Smith

July 31, 2008
Despite some rainy weather and extreme currents due to the full moon, Capt. Dan and Josh still managed to put some quality fish into the boat. I fished with Dan July 13-16. We managed to get offshore and put a pile of dolphin in the boat. Josh and I even slipped into the water and plugged a few dolphin with our spearguns in 1,700 feet. Wreck fishing the deepwater was almost impossible. The currents were unbearable and would shoot a pound of lead a mile back behind the boat. So instead, we spearfished in 10-60 ft. of water. We found most of our fish in the shallows and we put an assortment of meat in the cooler. We shot piles of muttons, hogfish, big blacks, big reds, and some nice yellow jacks. If you're an avid spearfisherman, I advise you to book a trip with these guys. Capt. Dan and Josh are very experienced and they WILL put you on some quality fish. It's all up to you to get the shot and put em' in the boat. I can't wait to get back to the Keys and do it all over again. Be prepared to experience some great times and to make great memories. If you're lucky, they'll let BIG Mike tag along so you'll have some enterntainment! lol! Fish Forever.....

Keith Jones

July 8, 2008
Captain Dan, one word describes the experience that you and your Fist Mate, Josh, ensured that my team mates and I had - "Awesome!!!!!!" John Cancienne, Jerry Crail and I participated in the Shell Challenge on June 13 & 14 and had a fabulous time! Thank you for your enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to ensuring that we had a blast while placing third out of approximately 33 teams in the tournament. Keep up the great work and Thanks again!

John Cancienne

June 15, 2008
On Friday and Saturday of June 13 and 14, 2008 I was very fortunate to select Captain Dan in the 2008 Shell Key West Challenge. Captain Dan and his mate did on a fabulous job of locating many fish on both days. We caught snapper, dolphin, king fish, shark, grouper, amberjack and other species on both days.

Second Nature boat had the largest snapper for the tournament and also placed 3rd out of 33 boats. We came within several points of coming out first.

When I go back to Key West I will definitely book another trip with Captain Dan. It was a great experience with lots of good fish.

Bubba Sweeting

June 11, 2008
Captain Dan, Thank you for another fantastic week of fishing with you ,Josh and your Dad. The Mutton fishing was terrific and the 14 Foot SAWFISH was a special treat. As always, we appreciate you and your team for all you do while we are on the boat and my family of "Conchs" appreciate the fish that we put in the freezer after each trip We look forward to our next trip down to the Keys! Your Friends, Mike"Bubba" Sweeting ,daughter Megan Sweeting and friends Tommy, David and Jordan Parker aka "The Durham Dogs" from North Carolina

Ben Duggan

June 5, 2008
Me and a buddy fished with Dan and his Dad this past Saturday. It was some of the best fishing I have done in a long time. Dave found the schools of Dolphin and Dan show great skill at keeping them near the boat. Everytime I reeled one in, Dan handed me another rod with a fish on it. I look forward to the next trip.

Mike Miller

April 28, 2008
The first time I went fishing with Captain Dan was 3 years ago. He gave me his card and after 3 years, I pulled his card out of my wallet and called him to set up a date to come back out and fish. I came down for the weekend strictly to fish with Captain Dan because it's just worth it...take my word for it. As amazing of a time we had three years ago, we had an even better time last weekend. The first fish we caught we caught was a 9 foot 200 lb lemon shark!! That was the coolest thing that I had ever experienced! The rest of the day and Saturday we caught tons of big fish including a 40 lb black grouper, tons nice mutten snappers, bonita, kingfish, AJs, baracuda, and more!! As long as I ocean fish, Captain Dan and his mate Josh are the only guys I'll ever fish with again. I've never met a better a better captain and mate. They know what they're doing. Obviously, if I kept his card for 3 years!!

Thanks guys for the most memorable fishing trip of my life!
Can't wait to come back!

Lance And Cory Mannion

March 30, 2008
Captain Dan, I've done a lot of fishing with my father and now with my son, and we've been on different charters in different areas, but, never caught as many BIG fish as we did with you and Josh! We will remember it forever! You guys know what you're doing and proved it by putting us on different BIG fish during our full day charter with you guys. Sailfish, Giant Amberjack, GIANT Grouper and a Big Carribean Reef Shark. Saw a Big Hammerhead and had one Giant
Grouper so big we couldn't get him in!! We will definately only fish with you when we come back to Key West. Or get close to Key West!! Wish you guys the best and many more BIG fish. Lance and Cory Mannion - Charlotte, NC.

Matt Boyer

March 22, 2008
Capt. Dan and his first mate Josh showed my wife and I a spectacular time. The knowledge and entertainment we got on their boat was phenominal. They took the extra time to ensure that the women on board had a memorable time and caught there own fish, along with making sure that the guys weren't left out. From catching the bait fish to landing a 120 pound sand shark to taking us to the local steak house to eat our catch, it was one memorable experience after another. One that we will never forget.Thanks again Capt. Dan.