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Joe Morgan

April 15, 2011
Came down for another week of fishing with a good friend. He booked Dan again for 2 days of fishing. As always, Dan and Andrew worked hard to make sure I had a great time. Lots of Mutton, some big amberjacks and yes, my first Permit... Funnest fish I have ever caught and Dan got me two monsters in one day. What a blast. I have been a licensed captain for 25 years and I will tell you this kid Dan knows how to fish. He is the only captain I will go out with now when I visit Key West. And I shall return, because Dan needs to get me my first sailfish, and he tried hard this trip to do it. Hats off to a great captain and a great crew. Good work guys!

Allen & Eric

April 11, 2011
Saturday, April 2 was our day. We had a GREAT time! The weather fantastick! The crew were absolute professionals, true fishermen all the way; they know their business and our day's fishing showd it. We've never fished a day like that in our lives; completly ruined us for the fishing back home. We wanted to fish sharks and sailfish and thats what we got! Our day started off catching ballyhoo and pinfish in the bay which was a fun treat to do. After we tied off the wreck we got right into it and the day fley by after that. First we caught an amberjack which went promptly to bait for the sharks. We pulled in two nice blackfin tuna, well, one and a half, the other was half eaten by a monster 'Cuda before we got her to the boat. Unbelievable! Best tasting tuna I have ever had! Then we landed two sharks, one was a wonderful 5ft plus Black Tip. Catching that shark alone was well worth the entire trip! We hooked three nice sailfish, one of which we landed and was the most beautiful fish we have ever seen! All the sails jumped wildly! One sail tailwalked the surface for 50-60ft! Absolutly stunning! What beauty and power! We were also able to land a fat Mutton Snapper. The Captain certainly knows his fishing, and his Mate was an absolute professional with never a slow minute, he was all over the boat, taking care of every minute detail to keep our lines busy. Any slow moments we had were needed to get ready for the next fish to fight! We also got our proverbial "one that got away", the monster hammerhead that ran out nearly all my line as she headed straight for the briney deep, pulled out line for minutes straight, felt heavier than a Vlokswagon, never let up and broke the fat mono line before she ever gave me a fair chance to fight her. But what a trip! Book these guys if you can, it's well worth every penny and every moment, and we most certainly will go again.
P.S. (Dear God, if You see fit to give me Alzheimer's, please dont be so cruel as to take away these memories.)


April 10, 2011
Just got back from another awesome week of fishing with my friend capt. dan and andrew. We anchored up on a wreck with some live ballyhoo on the flat lines and a couple baits on the bottom and had a huge school of blackfin tuna come through and tripled up in no time. We also got into a nice school of dolphin and again tripled up then doubled up shortly after. along with these we got 2 nice hammerheads up, a 40 lb kingfish and of course some big muttons. a couple other days we stayed in the harbor due to weather and jumped 7 tarpon all together while all the other boats watched in awe due to the knowledge of Dan. As always it was a blast hanging out, fishing and learning from Dan and Andrew. Cant wait to get back down there to have some more memorable trips with these guys. If ur reading this then u have or are about to make the right choice when picking a boat to fish on in Key West. Guarantee ur gonna have a blast.

John Krueger

April 1, 2011
Deep sea fishing is a passion of mine. I have fished in many memorable locations and now can rate my Key West trips as great. In my two days in 'the keys' Captain Dan, Mate Andrew, and the boat aptly named Second Nature were the ultimate well paired team. Our yellowtail snapper fishing was off the chart! These hardworking men are knowledgeable and pros. Tight lines and God bless!


March 26, 2011
I went for a 3/4 day on the 23rd. It was an awesome day. Very warm and the water was calm. I'd like to thank Dan and Andrew for a wonderful experience. We caught fish as soon as we anchored. My arms were jello by the time the trip was over. The one that tired me out was the one that got away. Dan thought it was a shark. I don't know what it was, but it was not coming up. After 10 minutes or so, it snapped the line. I caught some large snappers, bonitas, knig fish and many more. I'm definitely coming back with my dad and my brothers.

Tony Stazak

March 15, 2011
Dan, Skip and Andrew, just wanted to tell you what a once in a lifetime experience you all provided. We started out fishing for bait which was cool to do then headed out for the dinner snapper.It was awesome to catch a black fin shark that will now be on my wall with great memories.Then to top it off we hooked a 400lb plus lemon shark that took all 4 of us to get in about a hour later.It is awesome that Dan will be looking at the lemon shark to remember this great experience forever.Dan,Jeff,Brian,an myself had a awesome trip thanks to the crew Andrew you are a awesome mate keep up the great work , we will be back .

Jim & James Larson

March 14, 2011
Dan and Andrew,

You must have gills behind your ears! How else could you guys find the fish when others can't. Great chemistry between you both. "seamless service"!

And,a 500lb Hammerhead, Holy Sch-Nikes! You gave James and I a day we will remember for a lifetime. We'll be back with the girls this summer for more fun and excitment. znot just great fisermen, but two great guys. Please stay together.......

James & Jim
PS:Arms are still aching and fingers still bleeding! And loving it!


March 13, 2011
I'm so proud of my baby, Dan Shoemaker. He had such a great day fishing with the guys. The lemon shark he caught was unbelieveable. Go Dan! and Go Dan!

Dan Shoemaker

March 12, 2011
w2kx9Thank you Dan, Andrew and Skip for an outstanding fishing adventure. We are all completely wiped out and sore from fighting the sharks. It was the best charter we have experienced and we have used many a charter service across the globe. Meeting up with Capt. Dan for dinner at the end of the day was the perfect cap off to our excursion. Especially since the resturaunt prepared the mutton snapper we had also caught yesterday. Yesterday was a total blast !!! I can't wait to see how my 9 1/2 lb. lemon shark turns out when i get it back from the taxidermist. Thanks again for a great time. We will definitely see you again. Dan S.

David Kuehne

February 28, 2011
Dan & Andrew...Thanks for a GREAT day of fishing. You kept the fishing fun and productive. 36 keeper Muttons was work for you and repositioning several times was needed (Deep water & Shallow). I really appreciated the extra effort and time spent on this charter. You kept us fishing till dark 6:00pm and headed back to the marina. ALL the other Key West boat crews would be home watching TV while you guys were cleaning fish and boat at 8:00pm. Thanks again for a GREAT GREAT full day of fishing.
New Jersey Dave