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Night Fishing

If your day is too busy, or if you just like the night like me, then night fishing is where it's at. The night fishing is always good. At night, we fish the shallow reefs to the deep wrecks in over 200 feet of water. The only thing we don't do at night is troll. Some fish go dormant at night and others are just waking up for the catch.

We catch lots of yellow tail, mangrove, mutton, lane, and cubera snapper; and red, black, gag, and goliath grouper; cobia, jacks, and sharks. I like to leave for the night trip about 2 hours before the sun goes down, so that way we get to see the sun set and fish for the evening bite. That's the best time for big black grouper.

Whether you're looking to pull in monster sharks, get some fresh fish for dinner, and have a great time and not get a sunburn, night fishing is the way to go.

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